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Customizable Picture Communication Binder Kit 400

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You get over 400 different laminated individual COLOR symbol cards allow you to assemble your own basic SpeechPage® Brand Symbols for picture communication binder any way that suits your client with up to 20 symbols per page! YOU WILL NOT NEED a computer or software or color printer or laminator or even a copy machine!

We don't know of any other product like this ANYWHERE! Great for making a custom picture communication binder without an investment in a computer, software program, printer, copier, or any other equipment!

This kit includes:


You Get a box PACKED with over 400 Different Laminated Picture Cards covering commonly needed Communication Topics!!

SpeechPage.com brand Picture Symbol Cards For Communication Are Have FUN & COLORFUL Illustrations!  These color illustrated cards are designed to cover most of the popular topics for communication!  Topics include: foods, greetings, people, calendar words, transportation, action words, art and school supplies, furniture, toys, body parts, clothes, common wants & needs, and many many more!

More than 400 commonly needed communication 1 3/4” X 2” picture cards! Laminated and cut and ready to be used!

 (These symbols can be conveniently stored between usage in included Velcro latching vinyl storage 9 pocket sheets).

TWELVE heavy-duty vinyl 20-pocket protector sheets!! Each can hold and display up to 40 symbol cards (20 on each side). These 12 pages could be used to display up to 480 symbols! Extra pages are provided to give you room to space the symbols out for easier discrimination if needed! Some clients may need just four symbols in the corners of a page while another could identify from a full field of 20. YOU CUSTOMIZE TO THEIR NEEDS!

The 20-pocket protector sheets are three hole punched and made of durable vinyl for long life usage. (Want more of these hard to find 20-pocket communication binder protector sheets? EXTRA 20-pocket protector sheets may be purchased separately under our SUPPLIES area if you need them!)

A SpeechPage 3-Ring Binder for communication with area given on the cover to write in the owner's name for identification.

The topic areas included in this kit include picture symbols for communication: Foods, (i.e. popcorn, apple, chips, sandwich, etc.) Drinks ( i.e. water, milk, juice), Common Needs (ie. bathroom, tissue, lotion, pencil etc.) and Common Activities (i.e. eat, puzzle, TV, sensory, etc.), People (Nurse, Teacher, Mom, Dad etc.) Animals, Places, Body Parts, Months, Verbs, and many many MANY more!

Because you get over 400 different symbols and all the room you need on the 20- pocket sheets to display them, you can arrange the picture communication binder in countless different ways to suit the specific needs of your client.

We all know that Augmentative Alternative Communication systems must be customized to the individual's abilities. This kit allows you the freedom of arranging each picture communication page exactly as you need it to be displayed. You could put just one or two symbols on a page or load it up to 20 picture symbols on a each page side! You decide based on your client's abilities! And unlike other expensive options such as computer software programs, there is no need to have or to know how to use a computer!

Symbols can be pointed to for communication by individuals familiar with this form of communication. Not all clients are capable of using specific forms of AAC.

All symbols are laminated and cut and therefore also could be used for exchange of picture symbol communication for those individuals that understand that method of communication. (They do not have Velcro on them, but you can purchase Velcro from us under PRODUCTS).

Text identifying the symbol appears UNDER the icon symbol, which many recognize as preferred placement. Text is slightly larger than typical, to encourage literacy and common word recognition.

This kit is designed and entirely illustrated by Don D'Amore MA CCC/SLP who has been making custom picture communication systems for individuals with disabilities for over 20 years. Don D'Amore has vast experiences in assessment and fabrication of Augmentative Communication Systems for both adults and children.


NOTE: Suggestions for possible use only. The clinician's familiarity with a variety of AAC and other Speech Therapy methods is assumed, as this set does not include or imply specific instructions or methods for use. Not all clients are capable of using specific forms of AAC. All materials are sole design of SpeechPage.com and are not endorsed, sponsored by or associated with any other company or affiliation or program.  SpeechPage materials are never intended as or are a substitution for any training of any program of any sort.

Almost COUNTLESS ways you can arrange some of your 400 symbols on each of the sides of the 20 pocket poly protector sheets!

! Warning: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3. !